Bettina Patricia Peter


Bettina is an intuitive coach. She supports people drop ancient family patterns.  Reconnecting them to their safe space to release the charge of the past what changes the future possibilities. 

Bettina combines several tools intuitively in the quantum space.  Constellations, systemic astrology, matrix reprogramming, and others.  She interacts with the quantum fields and hacks information in space memory. Her approach is to support people which are allowing to change, transform or heal.



To the Universe, to Beauty itself, to Life my biggest teacher, and to Gaia the beauty of the universe ! Thank you to Nature my favorite teacher of all !

To all the  amazing people I feel blessed to have spend time with ! To all the incredible souls I met on my journey called Life, so many touched me deeply, often without knowing and I learned from all of you !!

So the biggest possible Thank you to all the teachers that helped me to expand my consciousness, my heart and my entire being !! You have no idea how grateful  I am for what you all do !!

Patricia Awyan

Ingrid Auer 

Richard Bartlett

Enrique Bouron

Lisa Böhm

Lee Caroll

Jonette Crowley

Carl Dawson

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Dr Lisa Farmer

Tara Faulkner

Nassim Harramein

Andrew Harvey

Prageet Harris

Marilyn Harper

Bert Hellinger

Melissa Joy

Bruce Lipton

Dr Sam Osmoganich

Dr Todd Ovokaitys


Bee Thuveson

Linda Tucker

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