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My ctystal singing bowls why are they special to me

On a workshop in Mount Shasta crystal singing bowls were for sale. I was electrified. There was no chance to resist a blue one got my whole attention and I guess she choose me. And one alone seemed funny so I got two more. I played them every morning. And to be honest I am not a musician my intuition played around. The effect was intense. They centered me, I had the feeling I was in my core and it made me very peaceful. So a huge crystal bowl joined in and the following year in the US I got 3 more singing bowles:

Crystal, Rosequartz, Smokey Quartz, Lepidolite,Malachite and one is a mixture with gold in it. So of corse every stone has a quality and the tone has a quality and all together it is a unique vibration.

Also I travel with them. And in October 2017 I went on my 3rd Egypt Tour this time with the Resonance Academy Nassim Harramein. This group was the first who received the Ark crystal. An artificial crystal grown in a Laboratory and then put in an excellerator so all particles are structured ( this means all particles have one direction, before they are all random)

So these Ark crystals have a certain shape and have a frame and if you put 64 together you get the 3 dimensional form (some call it Metatron cube) of the flower of live. These 64 crystals together have a very strong energy field and structure the things you put them on. I had the chance to play my bowles on the Nile cruise and put the 64 Ark crystals in my bowles what definitely changed them. They are much louder and even more intense than they had ever been before.

So I played on the airpot in Kairo, at full moon near the Pyramids, at midnight on Philae Island at the Isis Temple, in Megalithic Temples, in the White Dessert, at the red sea,....

They carry now certain energies what makes them unique.

By now I do not play them every morning as they became very intense.

When you listen to it your body, the cellular structure goes in resonance ( its a law of Physics). The body starts to relax, any form of stress calms down, your nervous system, the Parasymphaticus drives down, the body comes in a deep relaxation and all by the sudden your body has some free energie and activates some self healing. This is best to listen with headphones

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