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oooh some people just don't want to deal with their family, some even move to the other side of the world. Well you can - but the truth is everything is connected anyway throughout the universe. Energetically. Yes you too ..... no exception and no need to believe it ....

When we arrive we are born into energie fields ! The field of Mom and the field of Dad, the field of the family (mom, dad and the 2 sisters), the field of Moms family and the field of Dads family, the field of the village, country,religion, and so on... These fields interact with us, later Kindergarden and school bring in more energetic fields.

So our brain is like an bio super computer. From birth until we are 6/7 years old the brain tapes everything. Simply everything. How the parents behave and treat the baby. This is a brilliant necessity of nature and animals have this too. So when the next generation gets babies, the know exactly what to do as it is stored in our subconscious. Also how the relation is between mom and dad or to their parents and other people. Simply everything is recorded and filed in our subconscious with tons of hashtags so the brain finds it fast.

Depending how you grew up your "normal" which is all the stuff your stored is very very different.

A person who grew up in an abusive environment has a very different "normal" than a person that grew up in a very respectful and kind family. And there is no one to be blamed or judgement to be made ! It is just a very different experience !! Each person has a collection of unique experiences and all persons feed the same conscious field !! There is no better or worse there is only different !!

This is very important to understand. Lets say crucial.

Our super bio computer is programmed by our parents and all their joys sorrows ups and downs flaws and shadows. And (!!!) they have been programmed from their parents or whoever was around them and took care of them when they were born until 7 years old.

Isn´t that interesting ?

Ever wondered why people are a super happy couple for seven years, they get married and after not even 2 years they are divorced. What could have happened ?

The super bio computer had a Programm update:Now married! I am a husband/wife and he gets out the file. Oooooh this is how I have to behave now ? Oooooh this is how my first observed wife/husband behaved .... and suddenly the loving couple that had been together very long has a switch in its behavior. Not always !! People become more and more conscious and reflect how they react and behave and realize this is not what they believe in and are able to act in their own way.

When the couple becomes children its in my perception even stronger. Now the survival of the "species" is very important and the baby file gets activated. And usually the parents grew up in different family dynamics. So there used to be this loving couple but now both supercomputer opened up their files for baby survival how to behave as mom/dad and 2 very different family behavior patterns and believe patterns are activated.

Looking back on my own life at a certain point I started to understand what was going on. I remember exactly when I started to see a behavior pattern. Not knowing anything about family dynamics or energetic patterns.

But very interesting is the generation of your grandparents including all of their siblings.And let me get one thing very very clear. There is no family where there is nothing. We all learn and grow and so do families.

Sometimes we are connected to someone in this generation and this connection on an energetic level, a person I am in resonance with, might block me. But it is an opportunity to grow and thrive so it is a gift if we dare to face it.

Maybe granddad was an aristocrat and had an affair and she got a child. This child is born after the second child in his marriage and before the third child in his marriage. So now this affair child belongs to the sibling as they have the same father. The third child in the marriage is number 4 but grows up not knowing there is a number 3 before him. The other siblings do not know either. And the affair child might move away with the mother. The mother at this time might have dishonored her family as well and raised her child under very difficult circumstances. And the whole thing is a big secret nobody talks about. But of corse a few know. And now you have 3 children and you third child behaves very strange because it is connected with this child of grandfathers affair. Getting older it might act more and more like not belonging to the family.

Connecting the dots and looking at the patterns is a wonderful way to become more and more free of old backpacks of your ancestry that are simply not necessary anymore. You do not only free yourself but are stopping it also for the coming generations. Somehow this is also getting out of the Karmic family wheel !

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