Bettina Patricia Peter


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Students and people with very low income get the discount they need.

The sessions are fully confidential. In person or per Skype or zoom worldwide

You are invited to have a free 20 min call to find out if our energies work together and if I can support you, your ancestry and your energy field. 


The first Session  includes your horoscope check, so we  can use it as an energetic IP address to start with 

360,00 Euro

Follow up Sessions


 with Crystal Singing Bowls

The cells go into resonance with the tones and the nervous systems drives down and a deep relaxation appears, 50min


This is a 6 week package

4 Sessions

plus support via texting or mail if necessary to go safe through your  process


Free Call

One on One

6 week Package

Pure Sound Bath

What Clients say 

A Gem
Bettina is a gem, If you are thinking of having a session with her, don't think twice, go ahead. Bettina is so gentle and knowledgeable, she makes you feel safe, and can make anyone relax into the most difficult moments, never failing to hold your hand through it all. I am very lucky to have found her and got to know her and work with her. Dr. Maha Naim

Bettina brought me back in my presence and clarity and from there we could see with the astro constellation which energies were active from my ancestry. With ease and elegance she transformed playfully very destructive and heavy energies. Great work. The new frequency after the session lasted and the regained resources are still available in my life. Andrea F.

I met Bettina in March during a Group Coaching session. She offered me to work on my "family constellations" to work on my blockages" or things that might prevent me from getting what I need or deserve. Such as: being very successful or very wealthy! Explaining the way she´s been doing it would take far too much time. The result is unbelievable. A powerful transfer of energy leading to a general feeling of ease and freedom. A few days later, on the same day I received a huge amount of new contracts, paving the way for more growth and prosperity. This "session" has been lasting nearly one hour, but the results were there. Self confidence, growth and opportunities. Thank you ! Olivier B. Insurances, Paris

Bettina´s work is truly magical and comes from the heart.She has an amazing energy to her person and radiates love,playfulness and joy which highly resonates with me.She is thorough and passionate about her work, even in the face of a skeptic like myself. I am truly grateful for her work as even though I was skeptical, she managed to tune into an underlying issue and strike a nerve which managed to break down one of my walls. Not only that, the effect of what she helped me with was seen in a positive change in the relationship with my mother and I , and so for that I am very grateful and would highly recommend her, and already have. Omar Rafaat,UK

She just displayed some tools that she created, in order assist people to move their patterns… when she was doing her job on me , I was very connected with her, it was a so deep experience because I really felt connected with her and with some of my ancestors like my grandmother ,my grandfather, and my brother .
I was astonished about so many things that I realized that day , wich I didn’t know.
When I was connected with her on the healing process, I saw many beings like angels… I feel the love of my grandmother, and I just broke all compromises with my grandfather… also I got reconciliation with my brother and I understood deeply his sacrifice that he made for my family when he died... and since then I feel more relax on my life. I’m truly saying the truth.

Finally I have to tell that not everybody is ready for Bettina… or people that perform the kind of services that Bettina does… but if you understand my words, look for her… she has wonderful gifts for humankind.
Thanks Bettina !!!  Fausto Emmanuel, California